Run 'n' Gun "Roving", Paul Goble (ND2X)

"Roving" is mobile microwave operations from a vehicle, and all the pecularities that line-of-sight communications brings with it. This is in contrast to portable work that operates microwave from a fixed field site. From Paul's considerable commitment to roving, he has come up with a list of issues to consider while planning your op. (BTW, "rovering" is something else, maybe that dog can hunt.)


The line-of-sight aspect of mobile microwave operations can be fun, but brings with it a number of issues not faced by VHF/UHF operators. This article is a synopsis of my experience with roving. One thing for sure is that there are lots of little things that can go wrong, but some planning ahead can make roving an enjoyable and exciting experience.

I have put together a summary list of things that I have encountered on along the way. It is a good checklist to go through before starting your first roving adventure.


Equipment should suit your operating style.


Use KISS (Keep It Simple, I'm Stupid) to create your mobile.

Working the Disadvantages

Remember you're at a disadvantage in a "Run 'n' Gun" situation.

Plan... with a Map

Don’t even THINK of going out without extensive map study.


Liaison frequency is important - try to pre-arrange one not on a calling frequency

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